Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     ministering to the children and adults of Nicaragua 

There are currently 14 churches under the covering of Ministerio Mateo 5:16.   Nine of these churches are rural and meet outside without the benefit of a roof to shelter them from the elements. Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer is located in Quinta Esperanza, Diriamba. Dios Es Bueno meets at Casa Mateo Missions House, Jinotepe and in two little houses in La Paz. Iglesia Fuente de Vida meets in Jinotepe and 9 rural locations, we also hve churches in Boaco  and Chinandega.

Semilleros de Jesús (Jesus' Little Seedlings) is our Preschool  for children ages 3-6 and it is in its 9th year.  It is free of charge and has produced much good fruit!

Coming Events

November 12th -  Mateo 5:16 Pastors' Conference

Our Mission

August - Pastor's Conference at Casa Mateo Missions House for pastors of Ministerio Mateo 5:16.


In 1995, Pastors Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer visited Nicaragua for the first time. They were impacted by the poverty and need. After praying for five years, they were led to move here to sow into the lives of the neediest child-ren and youth via education, children's shelter, church, and feeding programs. 

Christian Education

The Lives We Impact


   During these past almost 15

   years, we have reached out to

    impoverished children and

   families sharing our Christian

   faith with those who have never

   known the promises of God.  We

   have shared love and shown 

   compassion, mercy and hope to

   suffering communities as we have

   helped  rescue them from ex-

   treme  hardship and poverty.


​                                                                                           Professor Evelyng with some students at

                                                                                                Jesus' Little Seedlings Preschool


November 19th - Miracles Still Happen.Conference with Pastor Robert Kimberling