Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     Ministering to the Children of Nicaragua 



Pastor Luz Marina and Youth Minister Thelma are  in charge of the dining area for visiting teams and church groups.

Short-term Missions Teams play an important role in our ministry. We have been hosting teams since 2003 starting  in our home and then from 2006 at Quinta Esperanza..  From 2006-2012 the children in our orphanage were blessed by the love and attention of visiting youth.  Our church and neighborhood look forward to the arrival of medical teams and short-term teams. 

Our Vision

​Our church has a capacity of 250 people

and is ideal for Conferences, Seminars.and Retreats.

We can accommodate 60 individuals in our dormitories and houses.

Our Mission

During these past almost 15 years, we have reached out to impoverished children and families sharing our Christian
faith with those who have never known the promises of God.  We have shared love and shown  compassion, mercy and hope to suffering communities as we have helped  rescue them from extreme  hardship and poverty.


Emmy is a living miracle. ​She came to live at Quinta Esperanza

Orphanage in 2010.  She was a happy, healthy child with an

incredible smile and full of love.  In December 2012, Emmy

came home to live with Pastors Glenn and Lynne together with 

Elvis,another miracle, Sammy and Flor.  

At the beginning of June 2015, we were finally able to bring Emmy home where she began to recuperate.  It took months before she could stand or walk.  She had no muscles.  She couldn't return to school until 2016.  She was on almost a dozen medications and had to return twice a week for lab tests and doctor visits. .This lasted until the beginning of 2017 when the doctor reduced the quantity and dosage of her medications and told her she didn't need to return until September 2017!

Our Ministry

This is Emmy today.  She is 16 years old.  Prednisone and other meds have stunted her growth but she appears to be in remission and is getting stronger and healthier by the day.  Glory be to God! 

Though she is 4 years behind in school she doesn't let it worry her.  Throughout this whole ordeal she has put her faith in God.  Now she teaches Sunday school and counsels children in her school about putting one's trust in God and being the person He wants one to be no matter the circumstances.

Emmy was happy to be in a family, living in a house not an orphanage, going to Christian school and receiving love from her new Mommy and Daddy.. Then, in March 2015 she came down sick and was diagnosed with Lupus.  It advanced rapidly and she was put in Intensive Care.

In 1995, Pastors Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer visited Nicaragua for the first time. They were impacted by the poverty and need. After praying for five years, they were led to move here to sow into the lives of the neediest child-ren and youth via education, children's shelter, church, and feeding programs. 

The Lives We Impact




            Professor Evelyng with some students at Jesus' Little Seedlings Preschool

There is a large pavilion next to the kitchen that is used for dining and other activities.

Emmy quickly went from bad to worse and had to be fed via tubes.  Her little body wasted away until she was virtually skin and bones and she slept all the time.  The doctors said she wouldn't live.  The other children with lupus in intensive care were dying and they said that if she lived it would be a miracle.  We prayed.  We posted her situation on Facebook and hundreds of friends joined us in prayer and little by little Emmy started to improve.  She was in Intensive Care for 2 months.

Semilleros de Jesús (Jesus' Little Seedlings) is our Preschool  for children ages 3-6 and completed its 9th year at the end of 2016.  It was free of charge and has produced much good fruit! We will resume next year with a new license from the government.