As part of our ministry, we host teams at our ministry property, Quinta Esperanza, in Diriamba, Nicaragua.


 The focus of our church and ministry is on children and youth. We encourage short-term mission teams to come  and reach out to these children most of whom do not receive enough love and encouragement in their homes  and also lack physical items such as uniforms, school materials, shoes, clothing and food.


 It is our hope that short-term missionaries will form bonds with these children and will desire to sponsor a child to  help cover his/her basic needs.      


 In addition, we pray that Quinta Esperanza, as a place of hope for needy children, will touch your hearts and you  will desire to underwrite the ministry.  In this way, we can continue to provide a wholesome refuge for children  where they can play football and other sports, use our play area, be cared for during the day and fed the word of  God.

Quinta Esperanza has a dormitory which can accommodate 24 people and a mission’s house  where the Pastors live but which can accommodate 8 people.  As needed, there are extra bunk beds available.


 There is also a large kitchen and dining area next to the church.  The church can hold 250 people.




 Lodging (per person)


 $5 per night    



 Breakfast - $3.50   Lunch - $4.50    Dinner - $5.50  



 Pick up team from airport – Minimum $75 for 15 passenger microbus - depends on time of pickup.

 Return team to airport – Same


 Daytime transportation:  Taxi o Moto:  50 cents-$1 per person; Bus:  50 cents

                                               Microbus per day $50 + fuel




 $4.00 per machine load


 Teams are responsible for flights to and from Nicaragua.



Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     Ministering to the Children of Nicaragua 

Diriamba, Carazo:  From the Central Park, 3 km passing the cemetery and arriving at Quinta Esperanza with two blue gates on the left.  

Telephone:  505-.8648-4316/1-240-654-8404 


Email:  mateo516ministry@yahoo.com

​​As a missionary working at Quinta Esperanza you will be involved in community service as well as contributing to the spiritual and emotional growth of the children and youth.

Volunteers: Volunteers are an important and much-appreciated resource.  

Short-term Missions Teams:  We look forward to short-term missions teams to sow into the lives of the families alongside us.  

Missionary Pastors:  Would you like to serve as part of our ministry in Nicaragua?  If so, please contact us at: mateo516ministry@yahoo.com

Vision:  The more believers who catch our vision the greater our impact on this generation.


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