Matthew 5:16 Ministry in Nicaragua

 “In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they see your 
good deeds and praise the Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16

It’s a new season for our ministry.  We no longer have Casa Mateo Missions House in Jinotepe.  We felt God telling us to focus exclusively on our children’s ministry at Quinta Esperanza in Diriamba.  So, at the end of February, after almost 12 years, we closed our Casa Mateo Missions House.


Quinta Esperanza is specifically designed for children.  Here they attend church, receive lunch, play football, receive discipleship and bible study, and attend camp during the holidays.  Little kids enjoy Sunday school and play on the grounds and in the playground.  They all receive love and guidance. 


Short-term ministry teams stay at Quinta Esperanza where they minister to the children in our church and to churches in other communities.  Local churches often use QE for youth retreats.

We periodically host pastors’ conferences and seminars and we can provide interpreters for visiting U.S. pastors or teachers.  Accommodations include two dormitories, one for men and one for women and a house for pastors.  There is room for 20 people in each dormitory and 10 in the pastors’ house.

We still have work to do such as install another bathroom for the men’s dormitory, repair our baptismal, repaint our church and so forth.  We want to have these areas completed before teams come down this year. 


Now that we no longer have income from Casa Mateo, we are in need of underwriting.  We currently have no income and are paying the utilities and workers out of our Social Security. Frankly, it barely covers our household expenses let alone those of the ministry. We are in need of help to continue this precious and important ministry to children and youth which we started in 2001. We are asking you to come alongside us and commit to a monthly contribution thru the end of 2017. 

We currently owe $20,000.  Our goal is $3500 per month.  This will allow us to pay our bills and our monthly expenses and to do the remodeling needed.  

We covet your prayers and ask that you please consider a minimum monthly gift of: $25, $50 or $100.


You can send a check to: 
The Missionary Church International, P.O. Box 1761, Columbia, SC  29202. Account: Ministerio Mateo 5:16. You will receive a receipt for your taxes.

To use
PayPal.  Our account is:  mateo516ministry@yahoo.com              


We look forward to the next stage of our ministry.  Please be part of it whether it be through prayer, underwriting or by bringing a short-term missions team to stay at Quinta Esperanza.

God bless you mightily,

Pastors Glenn and Lynne Schweitzer

                          Jesus came to serve, not to be served and we are called to follow His example.


Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     Ministering to the Children of Nicaragua