It is 21 years since we first visited Nicaragua.  It was 1995 when our hearts were broken for the people here.    After five years of prayer, the Lord told Pastor Glenn that it was time to move into the next phase of our life    together.  We were to “teach the children what you know”. 

   In 2001, we started with a Christian Auto Repair School for poor youth who could not afford an education  

   and included church services & Bible study for the students.

   In 2003, at the Lord’s direction we opened our home up to house Short-term Teams. 

   In 2004, we were led to find a property, Quinta Esperanza, in Diriamba for a Church and Children’s Home.

   In 2005, with the Lord’s help

  1. We opened our Church. 
  2. We rented a closed hotel for our Casa Mateo Missions House in Jinotepe for the Short-term Teams. (Pastor Lynne had received a vision of a ministry hotel for pastors and missions teams in 2000.)

  In 2006, we closed our Auto Repair School.  We completed the construction of our Children’s Home and  

  Elvis, our first resident, moved in at the beginning of December.

  From 2006-2012, we operated Esperanza Children’s Home (aka Danie's House) for abused, abandoned and  
needy children and youth.  During this time we taught English & Sewing in Diriamba and mentored the local   youth, provided a soccer field for them and a hot meal.  We operated feeding programs, planted churches     and operated Sunday schools in different neighborhoods.

  From 2007-2016, Jesus’ Little Seedlings Preschool has been operating at Quinta Esperanza in Diriamba.

  From 2009-2012, we operated our New Life Youth Center in Jinotepe which included a Preschool, Sunday     School, Church, Feeding Program, Sewing and English classes and Football League.

  In 2010, we became a covering for other pastors and their churches and provided them with Bibles, tracts,     Sunday school materials and food.

  In 2012-2014, El Shaddai Congregation opened in Casa Mateo Missions House.

  In 2014, Pastor Jorge Castillo joined our ministry as Pastor of our church, Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer, in        


  In January 2015, Pastor Carlos Miranda started pastoring Dios Es Bueno church at Casa Mateo Missions    


  In September 2015, we ordained Yolanda Mendoza as our Missions Pastor living in Pennsylvania.

  On January 1st,  2016, Pastor Carlos Miranda and his wife, Veronica, came under the covering of AMMN  

  (Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16 en Nicaragua).

  From 2006-2016 we operated Vacation Bible School/camps for the children and youth in the vicinity of  

  Quinta Esperanza in Diriamba.

  In June-July 2016, six (6) more pastors located in the areas of Boaco and Chinandega came under the  

  covering of AMMN. 

  From 2005-2016 we have offered Preschool, Sunday school, Discipleship, Bible Study, Leadership Training,  

  Ministry Training, Counseling, Conferences, Seminars, Retreats, Feeding Centers.


  Our vision is that the children and youth of Nicaragua will be liberated from their economic, physical and    

  spiritual poverty and be prepared for the Great Commission.


  Our mission is to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to help them to develop their walk  

  with the Lord, and to enable and empower persons to teach and preach the Gospel throughout the world.

​  YOUR PARTNERSHIP links you to a proven, fruitful ministry where countless lives are changed through the  

  power of the Holy Spirit and the dedication of our ministers as they equip future leaders to change the  


  YOUR PARTNERSHIP provides for the many needs within our ministry and helps us to reach out to local    

  communities feeding the hungry and homeless, the lost and the hurting.

  As you bless others by helping our ministry, you are planting in fertile soil and you will receive God's  

  blessings in your own life.

  We stepped out in faith 16 years ago and it's because of people like you, our partners, who provide a solid  

  base of monthly support, that we can fulfill the call.  Our faithful partners are those who share our passion     and our vision and are willing to make the sacrifice for the sake of others.

  A BLESSINGS PARTNER sows into our ministry with prayer and finances which will change the lives of  

  others for eternity.  We know that "we reap what we sow" (Ga. 6:7) and we store up  for ourselves "treasures in heaven"      (Matt. 6:20).  We want to BLESS YOU, too!

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Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     Ministering to the Children of Nicaragua