Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     Ministering to the Children of Nicaragua 



  Quinta Esperanza is our ministry property in Diriamba, Carazo.

  Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn Church) was initiated here in 2005 with 160 children from the 

  neighborhood (barrio) and 6 mothers.  Most of these children did not attend school, lived in cardboard

  and plastic homes, scavenged in the landfill for food and plastic bottles to sell and were ministered to

  by a street evangelist who brought these kids to us and became part of our ministry for the next nine  

  years. We initiated the church on the landfill. It quickly grew to 350 people and 6 Sunday school classes,

  a youth group, women's and men's groups, cell groups and street ministry.  As a result of ministering

  to the children, families came to the Lord and were baptized, and couples who had been living together   for years were married.

   Pastor Jorge Castillo and his wife, Xiomara, are the pastors at Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer. The children

   of the neighborhood are benefiting from their dedication to the youth and involvement with the

   Daniel's House, our Children's Home (2006-2012).  We closed Daniel's House in 2012 due to lack of

   funding and because our older children were now in college or married.  Upon closure of the children's

   home, we brought 3 children, Emmy, Sammy & Flor, home to live with us.  Emmy is looking forward to

   changing her name and becoming an official member of the Schweitzer family.  Elvis Schweitzer, our

   first and oldest resident of the children's home, is now is 35.  Elvis lives at Quinta Esperanza where

   he is part of children's ministry, works with children and youth football teams, and is involved with

   teams.  Sammy is living at Quinta Esperanza again and helps out with children's ministry.

Daniel's Houseis now available for Pastors and Missionaries.  We host Short-term Ministry Teams and

   Church Teams in our two dormitories which provide bunk beds, each dormitory accommodating 20