HUG A CHILD Feeding Program

​​We are committed to reinitiating our ​Feeding Program at Quinta Esperanza now that our kitchen and dining area are completed and we have the persons willing to cook and serve the food.

In 2016, we were blessed with donations that came via Destiny Ministries based in Wisconsin.  Our dear friends, Pastors Robert and Maria Kimberling caught our vision of feeding the children of the neighborhood one meal a day.  They promoted our vision during their travels where they preached in different churches and we were finally able to complete our construction.

​Nutrition is so important to children being able to study.  A hot, nutritious lunch every day is just what so many children need.  Many go to school with just a piece of bread and a cup of weak, black coffee.  When they return home they may or may not have lunch and then just rice and beans for dinner.   Thank God for rice and beans. 

The government is trying to help by providing certain staples to the Elementary schools for the mother's to prepare and we were recipients of this food when we had our preschool program. How nutritious it ends up being is debatable depending on how it is prepared.

​However, the food we receive from Samaritans International is designed to give these children's a day's nutrition in one meal.  This works well to a point.  The problem is that, as you can imagine, it is boring to eat the same meal every day.  So, it is prepared in various forms which require the addition of vegetables, chicken, ground beef, etc.  Also, oil is important as is propane gas to cook the food in our kitchen.

For this reason we have not been able to give more than Sunday lunch to the children.  We need your help to purchase the extra items in order to start our feeding program again.

​We are looking for donors who are willing to give any amount on a continual basis to get our Feeding program up and running again.

Asociación Ministerio Mateo 5:16  en Nicaragua  
​     Ministering to the Children of Nicaragua